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  • Designer Spotlight: Jacqueline Nicole

  • Jacqueline Nicole is a contemporary fashion line that was launched in 2013 by Jacqueline Maday. Maday attended a private school and was forced to wear a uniform for the majority of her school life. This spiked her interest in the freedoms of clothing and personal style. She was also a dancer in her [...]
  • Designer Spotlight: Hues of Ego

  • Natasha Duran-Lynch is the designer behind Hues of Ego. She has an understanding that each woman has her own curves and lines and that this is what makes each woman special and individual. She designs with the idea that the clothing becomes an extension of the woman and not just something she wears.[...]
  • Designer Spotlight: Lillienne Lang

  • We love to support young designers and are always excited to spot new talent in the industry! Today we like to put the spotlight on one of the emerging designers at Phoenix Fashion Week 2014: Lillienne Lang: from Lillienne Lang is the designer behind Lillienne Lang Attire,[...]
  • Blogger of the Month: Lindsay Viker

  • This September, our blogger of the month is Lindsay Viker editor from Couture in the Suburbs and curator behind Belle Chic. from For our blogger of the month feature we had a little virtual sit down with Lindsay to find about more about her. We love featuring women who dr[...]
  • Possibility Story: Anya Ayoung-Chee

  • Anya Ayoung-Chee is the 2008 Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe. However, she is also quite well known for winning the 9th season of Project Runway. She was seen as an underdog in the competition as she had learned to sew a mere four months before the season aired. Despite this challenge, talented An[...]
Featured Blogger: Scarlett Vargas
  • Featured Blogger: Scarlett Vargas

  • Possibility is starting a new monthly feature, where we share one of our favorite fashion bloggers with you every month! We're happy to introduce our July pick to you: Scarlett Vargas, the fashion blogger behind the blog Trends VIP! Scarlett lives in Columbia and we love the foreign perspective her[...]
  • Make Up Artist: Yuko Takahashi

  • Have you ever wondered what you get when you combine art, make up, and high fashion? Wonder no more! We believe Yuko Takahashi's work is the answer. from from from Yuko Takahashi is a make up artist formerly from Tokyo. She is now based in New York a[...]
To a New Year of Possibility
  • To a New Year of Possibility

  • Astrid's jewelry line possibility is about celebrating success stories and life, and living our dreams! For this New Year's celebrations of life, love, and accomplishments, we imagine that you'll be getting as dressed up as we will. We've been trying to figure out our outfits and would like to m[...]