Behind The Scenes: Possibility Look Book Photo shoot

Hey everyone! My name is Victoria Mohrman and I am extremely thrilled to present to you my very first blog post as the Queen Ambassador for the independent designer jewelry line possibility! In honor of my first experience blogging and my first time working with the brand, I am inspired to share with you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the photo shoot I did for the possibility look book at the beautiful Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona! The lookbook was shot by talented Tempe based fashion photographer Jose Cadenas of Cadenas Life Photography and the production team included possibility jewelry designer Astrid Mueller, fashion blogger/photo shoot art director Linsday Viker from Couture in the Suburbs, photoshoot assistant Mante Koliakinaite, hair and makeup artist Rayanna Tucker, Hues of Ego designer Natasha Duran-Lynch, and yours truly!



Behind the scens with possibilityArt Director Lindsay Viker and Hues of Ego Designer Natasha Duran-Lynch fitting me into an emsemble designed by Jacqueline Nicole

The theme of the look book was “A Day in the Life” of a possibility woman and featured the Scala, Metropolis, and Runway Collections. A series of various scenes were shot of me enjoying a day at work, interviewing a celebrity fashion blogger, celebrating my life and success with evening cocktails, and getting dolled up for a glamorous night at the MET Gala! Astrid’s jewelry made me feel like a VIP! The most impactful part of the project for me was embodying the mindset and exploring the thoughts and behavior of a “possibility” woman. Mentally, I kept reverting back to Astrid’s vision of a woman who is conscious, aware, and appreciative of all of the blessings in her life. A woman who lives in the “Now” state of mind, believes in the law of intention, and trusts in the power of possibility in order to detach from the outcome of the life she is creating for herself. Modeling for the look book provided me with a very fun and inspiring introduction into jewelry designer Astrid Mueller’s vision of the brand and the magic that is behind the idea of possibility.

For my day on the job, my first look was a beautiful grey and silver sparkly jumpsuit by Lillienne Lang paired with Lucite Pierced Earrings “Elizabeth”, the Gina Cuff Bangle (for order inquiries email possibility here), and the Sophia ring. Throughout the process of shooting the scenes of my walk to work, I imagined myself strolling through the exciting and enchanting streets of 5th Avenue in New York City! This thought was so vividly painted in my mind to the point that it is safe to say that I was living that moment and accepting the possibility of this lifestyle becoming my reality. I also got to model alongside Lindsay Viker who rocked the Gloria Necklace, a chunky square ring and earrings (for order inquiries email possibility here), along with the Vicky style trench coat by Hues of Ego.




For the cocktail dinner scene, I had the pleasure of wearing a hot pink halter top flare dress by Jacqueline Nicole which was accented perfectly by possibility’s Engraved Lucite Chandelier Earrings Rita, a crystal encrusted Lucite cuff bangle (for order inquiries email possibility here), and a sparkly clear ring with fabulous Swarovski crystals incorporated into each piece! The sparkle and shine from the jewelry and outfit combo got my mind into the zone in order to obtain the shot Astrid desired for this setting. I also chose to take this time to reflect on my own life and remind myself of all of my reasons to smile and be happy for just being me! It was a truly triumphant moment for both Astrid and I which made it all the more spectacular!

Featured Jewelry: Rita Earrings, Cuff Bangle, and Sparkly Ring


For the MET Gala, I donned an extravagant black gown by Hues of Ego that had a long train trailing behind me adorned with black flowers. The gown was so luxurious that I felt as if I were in a scene out of Vogue! The look was complimented by possibility’s pierced earrings “Elizabeth” and the Sophia ring along with a made to order clear and silver Elizabeth statement necklace from possibility’s Runway Collection (email possibility to order and for details). The power of this look left me feeling polished and prepared to harness the power of possibility and create a night to remember!


Much like life, fashion is based upon possibilities and inspiration. For me, wearing possibility jewelry reminds me to live in the now and to create my own world.  A world without boundaries, fear, and negativity. Instead, I choose to embrace life and live in the harmony of love, gratitude, and abundance. This is what possibility represents to me! What does it mean to you? What do you feel when you tap into the unlimited potential of the possibilities of your own life? Leave a comment and share it with me!


  1. by Trish Alger on January 23, 2015  4:50 pm Reply

    Beautiful in every way. Lovely model, gorgeous jewelry, and fantastic settings. Love the use of Lucite in the jewelry.

    • Astrid Mueller
      by Astrid Mueller on January 24, 2015  2:37 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Trish for your note! So happy you're loving everything so much! Cheers! - Astrid (the designer of the jewelry)

  2. by Gaëlle on January 23, 2015  6:33 pm Reply

    Possibility, hum, such a hard word when it comes to Fashion! Reading your post, I would say that it represents the possibility of being someone else. We say '' don't judge a book by its cover'' but when it comes to jewelry, it gives an insight to someone's life and it makes people wonder: where does he/she come from? Does this necklace have a special meaning/ history?
    You can create your own character with jewelry depending on what you decide to wear ( a bit like clothes actually): you can be someone during the day by wearing discrete jewelry and be someone else at night with sparkling bags and necklaces!

    • Astrid Mueller
      by Astrid Mueller on January 24, 2015  2:36 pm Reply

      Thanks so much for jumping in and leaving a comment, Gaëlle! Love your thoughts, you're inspiring me to think philosophically for a moment, hah! As the designer of this jewelry, I can solve the riddle a bit for you: the big statement necklace Victoria is wearing was partially inspired by the late Liz Taylor's jewelry - some of the gems in one of her necklaces were my muse when I designed some of the Lucite jewelry in this collection! This, together with the glamor of Old Hollywood and present day red carpet moments... a New York night under the stars, making a statement and feeling glamorous! Celebrating a very special moment in life, feeling like a movie star! I guess you could say that's one of the roles (or characters, as you put it), you could slip in when wearing that necklace! Cheers! Astrid

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