Let’s Celebrate possibility!

At possibility jewelry, we’re all about empowering women to believe in themselves, take risks, inspire others, and most importantly, believe in possibility {See the vision of Astrid Mueller, designer of possibility jewelry here}. Astrid and all of us ambassadors at possibility want to support and grow an empire of strong, courageous women who dream big, work hard and make possibility happen. And after all this hard work, we want to share our little and big accomplishments, and celebrate possibility with you all! Do you also have big dreams and goals, and love the idea of #girlpower and #womensupport? Watch this:

Come join us! Let’s start a movement! Let’s celebrate possibility! To participate, just do this:

1. Leave a note below Share a goal or dream that you plan to accomplish by June 1, 2015.
2. Help us spread the word! Use this image and tag your girlfriends to join us too! Let’s celebrate possibility through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use hashtags like #CELEBRATEPOSSIBILITY and #GIRLPOWER, #POSSIBILITY, #POSSIBILITYGIRL, #GIRLBOSS, #DREAMBIG, #IGOTTHIS, #SUPERWOMAN – whatever #WOMENEMPOWERMENT tags you love most!

After June 1, we’ll invite you all to share your accomplishments, and then we’ll set a date to celebrate with you all!
Wherever you are, it will be a virtual extravaganza of possibility!
Make sure to sign up for our possibility newsletter so that you’ll hear about it!
We’re looking forward to reading your goals and supporting you!

Remember, anything is possible. Let’s celebrate possibility!


  1. by Astrid – designer at possibility jewelry – illustrator & brand designer at AstridMueller.com on March 30, 2015  6:17 pm Reply

    Thanks so much Zoe, for all your help in putting this together! I'll kick this #CELEBRATEPOSSIBILITY thing off!
    Here's my goal: By June 1 2015, I will have successfully held my first online seminar, with at least 20 participants, teaching fashion start-ups and #girlpower ventures on how to use branding to succeed. I'm tagging all ambassadors of possibility: ZOE, VICTORIA, MANTE and MONICA, and my branding intern MICHELLE ANDREA! Go girls! Dream big!

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  3. by Zoe Cayetano on March 30, 2015  9:39 pm Reply

    By June 1, 2015, I will have graduated with an Associate's Degree and with a GPA of 4.0. Hopefully, I will also be admitted to the W.P. Carrey School of Business at ASU.

  4. by Jacqueline Madey on March 31, 2015  11:55 am Reply

    By June 1, 2015 I will have signed the lease on the space for my newest business venture, La Ville Boutique, and I will seek to hire stylists, buy inventory, and create an educational program/internship for high schoolers and college students interested in progressing in their career from the Midwest! #CELEBRATEPOSSIBILITY

  5. by Mante Koliakinaite on March 31, 2015  1:57 pm Reply

    By June 1st, 2015 I hope to complete this semester at ASU with a 4.0, continue expanding The Female Fashion Movement via the building of connections and networks, and secure another opportunity to work at New York Fashion Week in September!

  6. by scarlett on April 1, 2015  7:09 am Reply

    Love this, it should be a regular habbit, but God, it can be hard, specially with the date so soon jejejej
    I have so many goals for this year, but considering the time it would be the lauch of my Pro and more visionary site
    its name has been the most difficult thing ...but I already have one.

  7. by Bryna (@Becoming_Bryna) on April 1, 2015  10:02 am Reply

    Hi Astrid! Thanks for the challenge!! I have a goal to complete a vector poster...been working on it for a week then got sidetracked. Once it's completed, then I'll share it and celebrate! :)

  8. by Jhel Rico on April 2, 2015  6:17 am Reply

    I'd love to join and participate. Thanks for this ‪#‎girlpower‬ opportunity, Zoe and Astrid. =) I have to focus on my present work and help my mother in everything she does. For now we're trying to complete all the supplies needed for our house little by little. Hoping to be more competitive in every challenge that I will take this summer.
    #‎CelebratePossibility‬ ‪#‎Superwoman‬ ‪#‎Igotthis‬

  9. Sam Bachman
    by Samantha Bachman on April 10, 2015  2:35 pm Reply

    What a great challenge! :) I would say by June 1st I would like to create a strong focus on my personal health and growth. Stepping outside my comfort zone and being the most positive, healthy person I can be for myself and others. I would say that always leads to great possibilities!

  10. Victoria Mohrman
    by Victoria Mohrman on April 17, 2015  3:53 pm Reply

    My goal to accomplish by June 1st is to get my pH restored and nourish my body back to a healthy state! I have been battling a tough skin condition lately and shall use this opportunity as inspiration to push through and make it happen!

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