Our Limited Edition Winter Lucite Accessory is available

If you’re like me, you really like it when fashion and accessories are versatile. One more reason to fall in love with the Winter 2014/15 limited edition accessory by possibility then: The handmade Swarovski encrusted Lucite piece can be worn as choker necklace, hair piece, belt or sash, attention-getting statement wrist piece, as well as scarf accessory – the styling opportunities are almost endless!Limited Edition Winter 2014 Lucite Accessory by possibility

Limited edition Winter 2014/2015 Lucite accessory by possibility

Lindsay Viker, fashion insider and founder of the blog Couture in the Suburbs, played with several styling ideas:Limited Edition Winter 2014 Lucite Accessory by possibilityFor instance, she wore the accessory as choker necklace and created this sassy look with this leather top by Hues of Ego. For a similar look, wear the Lucite piece with another leather top or leather jacket – bring out your inner rockstar and get ready for the spotlight!

For a more sweet and soft groove, you could wear it as headband, together with a feminine, elegant outfit:Limited Edition Winter 2014 Lucite Accessory by possibility

CREDITS: Fashion: Hues of Ego – a fashion line we adore! | photography: James Almanza | Model, styling and shoot coordination: Lindsay Viker from blog Couture in the Suburbs | Winter 2014/15 Lucite accessory: possibility | For more styling inspirations and photos from this shoot, read Lindsay’s Limited Edition Winter 2014/15 Lucite Accessory review here on Couture in the Suburbs!

Since the Lucite piece is transparent and can be worn with any color, it will match a wide range of fashion looks! Also, because of its many styling options, even though it’s sparkly, it can accessorize daytime outfits as well as elegant evening attire. Why not wear it as headband, together with a skinny black knit top and jeans? Or accessorize your favorite winter coat with a silk scarf and wear this Lucite piece as sparkly scarf accessory? Or create an Audrey-Hepburn inspired updo and wrap it around your hair bun, then walk into the Waldorf Astoria for cocktails in your favorite little black dress?

What’s your occasion, and what style would you love to create?

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