Have something inspiring to share, which has to do with celebrating life, positivity, and success? A unique challenge & success story from yourself or a friend? A beautiful place, product, or cultural happening that you really enjoy and love to share with others? A style or fashion item that is beautifully designed and makes you all giddy whenever you wear or see it? Then chances are, we’ll love to feature your story!

We all have big dreams, work hard, and accomplish much more than we often give ourselves credit for. With this blog, we want to celebrate! We want to savour and share the beauty of life, and the spirit of possibility.

To be considered, just do this:

  1. Write an email to hello(at) and put POSSIBILITY BLOG SUBMISSION in the header.
  2. Explain in 1 paragraph what your submission is about, and why you think we should feature it.
  3. Include the actual text or information that we can publish – write from the heart, but keep in mind that often less is more.
  4. Include at least 1 great photo (if you have more, send them all!), make sure photos are at least 1000 pixel wide and high quality. We love eye candy! If you have more than 5 photos please send us a dropbox invitation for your gallery, to ensure that your email will come through to us.
  5. List all credits and sources for your photos and content, with names and web URL

At this time, we also consider pre-published content, but of course we especially love original and new submissions.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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